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Hello, my name is Clint, not sir, not Mr. MacDonald, not Professor, etc.  Just Clint!

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Clint, Personally

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My Interests

MineCraftI am a big time Video Game freak, I have 132,000 XBox gamer points.  I mostly game on my XBox but do play some on my PC, as I am loving the RTX evolution in many game genres.  My most common games are Call of Duty, MineCraft, Portal, and Gears of War, although I do play Assassin's Creed, Fable, Dead by Daylight, and use to play Fortnite, but didn't everyone.  I own an adult oriented MineCraft server that has been running constantly now for 2.5 years and have enjoyed building a community of adults with common interests.

I also watch a lot of Science Fiction and Adventure movies and t.v. shows.  Amongst my favorites are Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Avatar, Big Bang Theory, Lucifer plus others

I love the outdoors, and sports, although the past year has seen my gym membership very under utilized

For many years I ran a seasonal construction company during the summer building backyard outdoor living spaces.  This included pools, sheds, decks, and other outdoor living spaces as well as the odd finished basement, addition, or landscaping job.

My Experience in teaching Software Related Courses

Over the years I have taught many courses using many software languages including:

I've been programming as a hobby since I was 13 years old where I programmed BASIC on a commodore 64 and an Amiga 2000, through my business which focused on MicroSoft technologies, specifically the .Net framework, and now through teaching where I have picked up C and C++.


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